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Design concept

Design concept

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Home on the way-hotel! 


How to define the existence of the hotel space? Professional explanation may not be enough. We try to understand and perceive each hotel with more perceptual thinking, so as to bring more humanized aesthetic value to the hotel, making the hotel a "home" on the way ". The hotel is a special "home". Countless people pass by and leave. They come from all directions. The different cultures they carry have been blending in and eventually forming a culture of the hotel itself, that is tolerance and richness. In the eyes of foreigners, the hotel can always bring him strong local characteristics. In the eyes of local people, the hotel has become the most exotic place, so successful hotels have only features, not a fixed model. The hotel has no season, because every day may be a different season...


The essence of interpretation of design-humanity!  


Welfare believes that no matter what kind of design concept and design style is inseparable from the principle of "humanism", both sensibility and reason are attached to the perception of "human". When Welfare comes to locate the hotel design style from many design reference elements such as "region, humanities, functions, and investment budget", it integrates more humanized design elements into the most ideal human space. If regional culture, functional characteristics and market demand are the biggest mediums for seeking hotel design personality, then humanism is the magic weapon for creating a "comfortable, comfortable and elegant" hotel space. Because all the designs we make are for "people"! It is a place where people can enjoy the surrounding environment more comfortably.


Advocated design ideas-personalization!  


With the optimization of the international economic structure and the acceleration of the upgrading of the tourism industry, people's demand for hotels is no longer a single traditional luxury style. Simplicity, fashion, and differentiation are the real emotional needs of customers. It has quietly taken root in the high-quality business and tourism crowd. The design styles of most domestic hotels are similar, such as hotel planning, architectural design, functional layout to interior style, materials and guest room layout are surprisingly similar, lack of design features and creativity. This led to the hotel's lack of competitiveness, operating fatigue, and aesthetic fatigue.
In the limited specific space of the hotel, customers must not only meet the basic functional requirements, but also have spiritual satisfaction, that is, a pleasant and pleasant experience of the hardware style. Therefore, the creativity of the hotel style needs to start from the source and oppose the wind of plagiarism. , According to the actual situation of regional hotels, create their own characteristics and image. Welfare's design team will first assist the owner to analyze the market and position the hotel, and then work with a professional hotel design company to study how to build the image of the hotel and rationalize the function based on the hotel's market positioning, and then design a series of The matching design of hotel furniture and fixed furniture, so as to create a differentiated hotel

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